Racing has taken on another dimension over the past 10 years. Businesses are less interested in the sole befits of motorsports sponsorships given other options currently available to benefit their business. Today, motorsports alone is not enough to ensure successful sponsor relationship for businesses. In order to create a successful motorsports program, involved organizations must benefit before the car even reaches the race track. To do this, options have to be examined and coupled with an effective business-activation strategy. This is why Business to Business (B2B) transactions are the primary resources behind today's motorsports programs.

Racing offers a unique opportunity to maximize a company's B2B leverage to secure larger sales, generate huge savings, or celebrate new partnerships more prosperous then regular business deals. Looking at any mainstream racing program--from NASCAR to IndyCar, ALMS to F1--it is easy to discover that B2B transactions are not only the backbone to the motorsports program itself, but is often what keeps racing alive and active in the world of sport. If you would like to explore how your business model can be adapted to the network motorsports has to offer, contact me to learn how we can work together and bring your company a new level of success.


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