You have the car and access to a track, but one of the greatest assets a driver can have when trying to improve their performance on the race track is a driver coach. Whether you are aspiring to become a professional race car driver, or simply enjoy taking your car to club events, having an experienced motorsports professional at your side can help you make leaps and bounds with your progress.

Having a driver coach is not just for new drivers, but can greatly help even the most experienced racers by helping them to reduce lap-times and improve their on-track strategy.

- Individualized on-track support
- Data acquisition / post-session analysis
- Race craft / strategy
- Driver preparation

Because racing is a skill that is acquired and never perfected, even with years of practice, we all are constantly learning about how to drive faster. Perry's approach to driver coaching has always been founded in that drivers must be positively encouraged through each step, all while finding their areas of comfort within the driving environment. Otherwise, an uncomfortable driver will often make critical mistakes at-speed, or may run a less competitive pace.

Perry strongly believes that the right kind of reinforcement is needed when success and speed is achieved. No two people are alike, thus finding the right communication and coaching methods for those drivers become equally unique. Understanding sensory-feedback while in a car often presents a learning curve for those who have little time in the drivers seat. Discovering and "feeling" available grip of the tires, familiarizing oneself with the sounds of the engine, understanding the rate of which the car can accelerate/decelerate, determining visual reference points, developing spatial awareness, and exploring the behaviors of their vehicle while traveling at speed; are often new experiences for a driver. With all this happening at a rapid pace on track, drivers need to not only understand each of these elements, but must be reassured that they are all normal and part of the driving experience.

The gains in performance last beyond the life of the car itself. In terms of the return on the investment, the math is simple. One would spend ten times the investment on vehicle upgrades to match the performance gains of having a professional driver coach by your side. Each coaching program is customized based on your own individual needs and driving goals. Get in touch to find out how Perry can help you make leaps and bounds in your on-track performance.


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