At a very early age Perry couldn't be stopped from getting into the drivers seat. Long before he had a license in hand he was caught backing cars out of the driveway, to his mother’s dismay. Nevertheless, Perry's parents realized his passion for driving wasn't going to dissipate and they knew they had to find the right outlet for him to exercise that interest. At 9-years old Perry began Go Karting regionally until his high school years.

Perry appeared to have switched gears focusing his efforts on sports such as football while building practical and mechanical experience in automotive restoration. However, after starting college Perry's involvement in racing resumed, becoming a regular competitor in the SCCA club racing scene in Northern California.

Spec Racer Ford was a growing class and was a perfect medium for Perry to build racing experience. He was a regular top ten finisher, and claimed his first podium finish in what would be considered a highly competitive and seasoned series. After his first season, Perry was named San Francisco Region SCCA Rookie of The year. In addition to his on-track success, Perry also finished his college degree in Automotive Technology from Cuesta College.

In 2008 Perry began racing prototypes in the SCCA, focusing on the DSR class. Perry adapted quickly to this down-force platform, and claimed podium finishes 9 out of 10 races. That season ended at the National SCCA Runoffs in Topeka Kansas, where Perry finished 7th out of a 35 car field.

The 2009 season came with new challenges and great opportunities. Perry was selected out of 4,300 applicants for the Volkswagen TDI Cup, becoming one of the 30 drivers on the final roster. During the challenging season Perry claimed two top 10 finishes and placed 9th as a rookie driver in the championship.

In 2010 Perry returned to racing the DSR and ran faster than ever claiming 4 wins in 6 events.

In 2011 Perry had a great debut in the Formula Car Challenge, with his first race weekend resulting in 7th and 9th place finishes. The highlight of the year was racing in the 25-Hours of Thunderhill. During his first stint, Perry positioned the car first in class, all while turning the fastest lap time of the weekend for the team.

2012 has Perry focused on a wider range of areas in motorsport, from professional driver coaching, business-to-business activation, and racing as a guest driver in selected series within SCCA. Efforts are in motion to put Perry in a professional series in 2013--details to be disclosed later in the 2012 season.

Quick Facts

Height 5’11”
Weight 170 lbs
Birthplace Los Gatos, Ca
School Cuesta College Graduate
Birth Date March 29, 1985
Resides Los Gatos, Ca


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